Rookie mistakes in forex trading career

The largest financial sector is also the trickiest in the world. Most people like to make money but only a few make it through. Although there are many indicators, premium signal, and professional traders' advice, it is not possible to overcome the challenges. Many concepts exist and it is hard for a person to understand them all. As a result, silly mistakes cost capital. If you are wondering how a small error can be costly, think of the number of investors trading. This number plays a significant role in determining the outcomes that can be affected by small faults in a strategy. Read this article if you are thinking of investing money. There is no doubt it is a profitable industry but only when trades are successful.

Experimenting in a live account

This is the most dangerous mistakes. Though the demo account illustrates the same price movement, many think it does not give you a sense of trading in a proper way. The currency is virtual and that results in undertaking trades which are not practical. It is often related to the explanation of why investors cannot make a successful profit despite magical performance in demo accounts. The experiment begins with real money and soon your career is over before it's started. In the live sector, there is no room for mistakes. The virtual accounts are provided for specific reasons, not unnecessary extras. Utilize the facility and learn from your mistakes. First, try to make a consistent profit for a few months. If the consistency continues, slowly invest in live trading. In live trading, only perform that trades with a strategy which has proved successful in demo account.

Taking excessive risks

Taking excessive risks is one of the major causes of losing money in the Forex market. Many people in Singapore often think the experienced traders in Singapore have access to secret ingredients in the market. But if you do the math, you will see they are using a simple trading technique. You can also use the Saxo demo trading account to learn more about risk management policy. Never trade with real money unless you understand the importance of trading management skills.


So the capital has been deposited at the broker's account, the account has been opened and the time has finally come to go live. This is when investors tend to overthink. Ideas and concepts start flooding in from different directions, making it confusing for people. If that is not enough, they begin to overthink. What will be the future pattern, what if the trends do not turn out as expects when to increase the position size to take home more profit. Needless to say, most ideas remain in minds and do not get executed. Try to keep calm mind do not make hasty decisions. A trend may look profitable but do not invest until the analyses have been made. Experiment with your ideas in demo accounts.


Never underestimate yourself. Every human being has the potential to become a great trader. A legendary investor can come from any place and any background. With proper training and guidance, a person may successfully prolong their career. Most of the time, legends are born from mistakes. Those people keep struggling until they have reached their destination. Groups are formed by novices to invest safely and to avoid hard work. It is fruitless as success has no shortcut.

The free rider problem

A free rider is a person who tries to enjoy the benefit at the expense of others. In Forex, free riders always lose the money. To avoid work, groups are being followed and they dig their own grave. The professionals have learned through making mistakes, copying the strategy does not work. Even premium signals are not the answer. These are some of the common mistakes for the novice traders. Identify the problems and try to overcome them. This is a continuous process that needs constant dedication and practice. 

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