Good day traders! We hope you had some good results from the European trading session. Let's recap some activities that happened earlier today.

Symbol Trending Quick Recap
Bitcoinimagerose 0.22%. Last traded price at 10992.67
NZDUSDimagedropped -0.49%. Last traded price at 0.67633
Dow CFDimagedropped -0.01%. Last traded price at 27906.50
GBPSGDimagerose 0.15%. Last traded price at 1.76168
USDSGDimagerose 0.16%. Last traded price at 1.35836
GBPUSDimagedropped -0.00%. Last traded price at 1.29694
SGDJPYimagedropped -0.47%. Last traded price at 76.836
AUDUSDimagedropped -0.45%. Last traded price at 0.72914
USDCHFimagerose 0.21%. Last traded price at 0.90988

European Market Update:
European Shares Mixed Amid Virus Fears
(RTTNews) European stocks were struggling for direction on Friday, with travel-related stocks coming under selling pressure amid worries about the second wave of coronavirus infections in the region.

Recent published reports:
image Thursday 10:00 AM Hours worked fell in Vic but rose in rest of Australia (Media Release) Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics
image Thursday 10:00 AM New prisoners decreased by 17% for the June Quarter 2020 (Media Release) Source: Australian Bureau of Statistics
image Thursday 11:45 AM Statement on Monetary Policy Source: Bank of Japan
image Thursday 05:00 PM Production in construction up by 0.2% in euro area and down by 0.1% in EU Source: Eurostat
image Thursday 05:00 PM Annual inflation down to -0.2% in the euro area Source: Eurostat
image Thursday 07:00 PM Bank Rate maintained at 0.1% - September 2020 Source: Bank of England
image Thursday 08:30 PM New Residential Construction Source: Census Bureau
image Friday 02:00 PM Retail sales, Great Britain: August 2020 Source: National Statistics
image Friday 05:00 PM Regional diversity in the EU – how does your region fare? Source: Eurostat
image Friday 08:30 PM U.S. International Transactions, 2nd Quarter 2020 Source: Bureau of Economic Analysis

Upcoming economic events (GMT+8):
image image Friday 10:00 PM U.S. Michigan Consumer Sentiment Index