Flipclutch Research: The feast of Hologram hits, what kind of visual experience does WIMI Hologram bring

HONG KONG, Dec. 24, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- Flipclutch Research, a market research organization in Hong Kong, recently released a research report on ' The feast of Hologram hits, what kind of visual experience does WIMI Hologram bring'. Since 2015, the investment wave in the AR holographic field has spread globally and is still accelerating. Undoubtedly, the commercial application of AR holographic technology is gratifying, covering all aspects of life.

This year is generally regarded as the first year of AR holography, and the prospects are very promising. Many institutions predict that, in the future, the AR holographic market is expected to break through the trillion-yuan mark within ten to fifteen years and grow into a new trillion-yuan market. Seeing such a prospect, all kinds of capital crazily engulf the AR holographic market. Foreign Internet and IT giants have begun to invest heavily in AR holographic business. This also directly drove the popularity of the AR holographic concept in the Chinese market.

In such a general environment, the reform and innovation of WIMI holographic multimedia technology keep pace with the times, and it has flourished with the advancement of AR holographic technology, opening an interactive journey of digital art for the product audience.

In this era of popular science and technology, holographic technology shows users a more real-world and qualitative leap in interactivity.

The potential for this type of technology is endless. When 3D holographic technology is integrated into traditional plays, technology has expanded the imagination of the director infinitely, allowing stage art to have a completely released space, output the concept of spatial imaging, and form a holographic stage full of science fiction elements.

Unlike VR videos and 3D videos, you do not need to wear any wearable devices to watch holographic stage works. Meanwhile, it can be combined with AR technology, motion capture technology, as well as other "stage black technology", to create an interactive viewing experience.

WIMI Hologram Theater is based on holographic technology and an intelligent stage system for holographic performance as the core. The combination of real people and animated scenes on the stage subverts the modes of presentation of traditional stage shows. The naked-eye 3D of science fiction and classic IP collide to create a wonderful holographic theater.

WIMI Hologram Theater has a 270-degree panoramic 3D screen. You can feel the idols come to life without 3D glasses, and you can even sit behind the stage and perform performances with holographic images, which are full of realism. It saves you from running around to listen to concerts and feeling fatigued. Besides, the stage lighting effects, and the sound equipment are not different from live performances.

With the continuous improvement of the virtual reality industry ecosystem and the continuous maturity of the profitable business model of the integration of hardware, software, and services, the VR+AR industry has achieved rapid development.

WMI has diversified the scenarios of holographic cinema and holographic theater, which will be suitable for holographic cinema, holographic theater, movie/theater holographic transformation, holographic film production and distribution, star holographic performance, holographic virtual star IP operation, and holographic theater stage beauty.

WIMI works with various content owners, including brand owners, film producers, and talent agents, to transform high-quality IP into AR.

WIMI has built a comprehensive holographic AR content library, with holographic AR content formats ranging from 3D models to holographic short videos. As of December 31, 2018, there are 4,654 ready-to-use AR holographic contents available for WIMI's holographic AR products and solutions, covering a wide range of categories, including animals, cartoon characters, vehicles, and food. Among these AR holographic contents, there are 2,961 used for educational scenes, 851 for tourism, 739 for arts and entertainment, and 103 for science popularization.

WIMI is committed to providing content value-added services for the large entertainment industry based on visual technology, creating a large entertainment image ecosystem from four aspects of "technology", "data", "marketing" and "layout". Besides, item powers the content industry with artificial intelligence technology, promotes the value-added of the entire industry chain of the large entertainment industry, and gives new vitality to the industry.

The core of the holographic theater is the holographic imaging technology, which projects the captured images (people, objects, scenes) into the main scene to present the story. It is vivid, unpredictable, and very intuitive, leaving a deep impressionon the audience. It is composed of a three-dimensional scene, modeling lighting system, an optical imaging system (using holographic film as imaging medium), film and television playback system, computer multimedia system, sound system, and control system, which can reproduce grand scenes. Another advantage of holographic imaging technology is that it is realistic, and it can achieve a real effect without wearing 3D glasses.

Holographic images can be used not only in entertainment, art, and education, but also in media science, technology design, and augmented reality.

WIMI Hologram Cloud is a holographic cloud comprehensive technical solution provider. Its business covers multiple links of the Hologram AR technology, including Hologram computer visual AI synthesis, Hologram visual presentation, Hologram interactive software development, Hologram AR online and offline advertising, Hologram ARSDK payment, as well as 5G Hologram communication software development. WIMI's commercial application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five professional fields, including home entertainment, light field theater, performing arts system, commercial publishing system, and advertising display system.

In any case, in the near future, AR holographic technology will change the business performance ecosystem, and the era of more technological performance is coming soon.

About Flipclutch

Flipclutch Team is a leading market research company in Hong Kong. They have established a professional and proprietary research platform for financial markets, focusing on emerging growth companies and technologically leading companies. Flipclutch team is professional in market research reports, industry insights & financing trends analysis. For more information, please visit http://www.Flipclutch.com


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